13 September 2013

a 13th day in 2013

I thought it would be cool to write a eulogy for 2013 on Friday the 13th.
But it's only September and the year is clearly still kicking.
Also that would be kind of like mixing metaphors--if we were dealing with metaphors--and to make things worse for my idea, my problem with this year hasn't technically been lack of luck. I know the real culprit.

How about a letter instead, addressed to the appropriate party.

Dear pregnancy,
You were not gentle with me and you really hurt my mental and physical well being. I will always remember you.
Respectfully yours (from a distance), 

But what's awesome is that it's been rainy every morning and sunny every afternoon for several days. Hot chocolate and then hanging out outside. Win/win/win.
Did you catch the extra win? See below.

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