20 September 2013

norah's first out of valley experience

When we go south
 He needs one grilled cheeser for each hand.
I carry her in the wrap which makes my favorite munch spot easily visible. Munch that cheek/neck.
We get sick of eating out and need a little bit of Thomas the Train before hotel bedtime. 
Hotel bedtime is a hilarious joke, by the way. The kid stayed up till 11. 11!

We see a few friends, miss others, finally meet some, go to the park, play in a river, eat cupcakes, see some cool newlyweds and use their kind of scary basement apartment (sorry guys...but it is) as a hotel for an extra night, and oh yeah and Nate gives a presentation at an HR conference.
And funnily, three nights of even less sleep, a messy communal room, smelly baby clothes and no routine was just the refresher I needed.
Our house doesn't seem so crummy.
My plans and ideas don't seem so stupid.
Our kids seem more precious.
My husband seems even radder.

ALSO, ps

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Catherine said...

What an exciting outing! Go Nate!