01 September 2013

still weird - secret move of arriving home with a baby girl

Even after nearly four weeks of waiting and wishing and plotting, it still feels dangerous taking a tiny baby home from the hospital.
You pull off her leads, which are stuck on stickery and make her mad.
You put her in the only dress you bought her. She isn't connected to any monitors or anything. Hm, weird.
And then you, what, just put her tiny body in a carseat cinched up all the way and drive away?
And when you get home the rest of you eat special Norahcake that she can't have while she sleeps?
That's basically the gist of it.


Catherine said...

Hooray hooray! We are so happy she's home now! Grow bigger and stronger, sweet norah!

Zachary and Elizabeth Carr said...

Agreed. It is weird to take a baby home from the hospital. We're excited she's home with you all now! Here's a resounding "Huzzah!" from the Carr's!

julis said...

Oh frabjous day! Calloo callay! Welcome home, baby sister. Welcome home!

Bryn said...

Yay yay yay!!!!!!!!! So glad she's home and so glad you ate cake! LOVE YOU

Stephanie said...

I always have five panic attacks on the ride home. They are so tiny and fresh! She's a strong baby though. And she only has one dress because her aunty Stephanie is THE WORST and lives in the country of an island and has never had a chance to go buy her more. Isn't that odd. In all that time I have never been to a store that sells such things. No man is an island, but sometimes I feel pretty dang close to one out here.

Veronica said...

Ahh, that picture of her sleeping is just killing me. So glad you got her home.