07 September 2013

the last time i had mastitis (like 2 weeks ago)

My dudes went camping without me. Again. Sheesh. This time at Bear Lake. Sheesh.

 Luckily, after just one fevery night the antibiotics knocked it out and I joined them for boat riding and to witness Calvin's extreme lack of enthusiasm for tubing.

(Sadly, my most recent bout with the same stupid infection was about sixty million times worse, so no boating--or anything at all-- has ensued for several days. FEVAH.)


Stephanie said...

Oh mastitis, why do you even exist? As if as nursing mom didn't have enough to get under control. I am happy you kicked it quickly and were boating like a ... like a... bathing beauty! Yes, that suits you quite nicely.

Abby said...

I'm so sorry. Once is miserable but twice is just torture!

Glad Norah is finally home.