06 October 2013

just up the street

 I still can't believe that if you drive up 3rd South as far as you can
you pass the old houses and new subdivisions, and
if you make it safely through the shooting range
You can walk into the Wilderness Area
 And then instead of brush and dirt you have scrub maples galore and vertical rock faces to mountain goat upon.
 And your trail probably connects to the Bear Lake side, but we'll have to try that out some other time with backpacks--
 Let's try that again too--
Anyway, it was my idea to get babysitters so we could hike on Saturday, 
but it was Nate's idea to climb up the side of a hill so we could look down from a great height.
 Because everyone knows ones of the joys of hiking is being atop something, looking down from a great height.

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