01 October 2013

like a red rubber ball

Last year

This year
For my first few runs after baby-having, I felt really conspicuous. I wanted to wear a sign around my neck that said,

"Yes, I just had a baby three weeks ago, and No, I'm not really impatient to fit into my old jeans--I just really like running and I know that if I keep coming out here and doing it, it will become easier and I'll start to crave hills and I'll one day find myself running up mountains again and feeding myself really well and then I won't care whether or not I fit into my old jeans because I'll be too busy being thrilled about being myself."

If history is my teacher, my body knows nothing of a thing called "bouncing back," though it kind of remembers what to do. But oh I am slow, and I slid in a couple of hills last night but it was not easy.

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