19 October 2013

the saturday morning post

The only problem with reading a book I like is that I invariably say "This is the kind of book I could and should write." 
Until, of course, I remember all the reasons why it isn't true. Not the least of which is that I don't really want to write a book, and if I did I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a story or characters or dialogue. 
The only character I could round out is myself, and I can't possibly write a story about myself!
I'm not that vain--yes I am, but I would look like a complete villain on the page and I would be too mortified to subject myself that kind of exposure.

Doesn't like animals, curses the cats who live across the street and won't let the family get a dog
Isn't crazy about babies and certainly doesn't want a housefull of them
Has a sweet tooth
*Believe me on that one. The good guy always passes on dessert.*
Doesn't have a job

I just read The Girl in Blue by PG Wodehouse. An Agatha Christie/Dorothy Sayers type of comedy, only without the murder and with quotes like "Homer, while a sterling chap and full of good stories about mice and all that, isn't an oil painting. You could't call him the answer to a maiden's prayer," and more personally applicable ones like "One of the advantages a sister has when arguing with a brother is that she is under no obligation to be tactful. If she wishes to tell him that he is an idiot and ought to have his head examined, she can do so."

Alas, just as I don't have the wit, the poetics, the brains or the experience to write my favorite books, I also don't have the British uppercrust background of the Golden Age. Also, I don't think these book things come about in spurts of 20 minutes, which is about all the time I have at once these days. 


julis said...

Mo-lissa, you are a good wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. You are a good cook, planter, fixer, and designer. So you don't want a dog, or a housefull of babies. Bah. You can run for miles! You make cookies! You are no where near Cruella.

melissa said...

i would admittedly make a verrry boring villain.