05 October 2013

this handsome chap

I tried to write about this chappy on his birthday, talk about all things THREE.
But he's like...hard to describe.
How do you solve a problem like Maria type thing.

He's funny, he's smart, he's thoughtful, he's sensitive to other people's feelings, he's incredibly positive, he's been wanting me to read him long storybooks lately.
But also he's...

He likes to test boundaries with an incessant determination only rivaled by some types of hunting dogs. 

But the good news is that his optimism and positivity are just as strong. Livestrong, wild child. 


Catherine said...

Geez I think Calvin has turned into a small man just in in the 4 months since we moved! He's all grown-ish looking! Happy 3 years alive, Calvin! We're so happy to know you :-)

julis said...

He is all of those things. I laughed aloud at the "incessant determination only rivaled by some hunting dogs" remark, because of its complete accuracy and color. He also has imagination, and a fierce memory. I love him so much!