02 November 2013

bleed american

I was touched with horror* a while ago when I noticed a certain lack of national patriotism within myself. Isn't it a punishable crime, being unpatriotic? So then I pondered, for just a moment, and concluded that I do have a twinge patriotism--for the past. Unfortunately, I think the proper  term for that is nostalgia. Our country tis of thee not much that I'm proud of has happened in my lifetime. Truthfully, our politics makes me gag. It seems that people just want to fight. Fight for the right to fight.
And then you say, "This is a democracy! If you don't like it, it's up to you to make a change!" And then I say, Or we could move to Canada or Britain; shall we cut and run? Or maybe just get a manicure and forget to vote? Now how is that for the upstanding youth of the rising generation? (Or the recently risen generation. I'm nearly 30 you know.)

*And I hope my brothers (and others) don't beat me up for this confession.

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Abby said...

Fight for the right to fight...so true!

It looks like Calvin is in pain in this picture...

We don't mind the idea of the "cut and run" ourselves...

and You've Got Mail.