14 November 2013

old school and some other things

1. I printed 300 pictures and bought a photo album. That is what I'm going to do from now on. It is surprisingly hard to narrow down a year's photos to fit in one album, but growing up I loved to look at our photo albums and I would have hated to see 10,000 photos of myself, so I've decided less is fine.
2. I'm buying a big plain journal.
3. I did not post about Norah's blessing, but she was blessed and we are blessed and I am blessed.
4. Our house is for sale.
5. We are looking for a new one. I have very few requirements, but they are very eliminatory, the least of which is price range. (Why doesn't anyone have a mudroom or at the very least an empty space to take of coats and boots? We wear a lot of coats and boots around here.) We are looking at a 90s-tastic one soon that reminds me of the house we lived in in Dubois. I've got a good feeling about it. Oh yeah, and not a single buyer has come to look at ours yet, but about 20 realtors did on Tuesday so we're expecting a deluge soon. (Ha.) Also our neighbor wants to buy it to make the backyard a garden/farm.
6. We talked a little bit about building, but that idea just makes me sad and also grumpy so it's really probably not going to happen. Is it stupid that it's cheaper to build than buy a 20-year-old house? The answer is yes. But it also seems pretty wasteful to me and that may be stupid too.
7. Norah coos and smiles and is all-around adorable. Her neck is getting soft and chubby and her cheeks have gotten back their softness after a bout with baby acne a few weeks ago. She sleeps for long stretches at night and eats a lot during the day but doesn't make very many dirty diapers which is weird.
8. Calvin says things are beautiful and is about average in height for a kid his age. He talks about his friends all the time but hardly interacts with them. He hasn't thrown a tantrum in like 3 days. That is a huge deal.

The End


Catherine said...

I like this post. No pictures, but things that are nice to know about. Good luck with the house finding (so exciting!), hooray for sweet Norah (we can't wait to meet her!) and a HUGE hooray for no tantrums in 3 days! That is amazing :D

Abby said...

1. This is what I do too..only I haven't done it for a year or more. It's ironic that I take way more pics of my kids than my parents did but they pretty much never see them because they never come off my phone or camera or computer.
2. Nice.
3. What did she wear? It sounds like a blessed day.
4. What what now?? Why? Space?
5. Good luck finding a space for coats and boots. and selling your house. The right buyer will come along.
6. YES we found it completely stupid that it would be cheaper for us to buy new or build than to buy something older. Backwards isn't it?
7. Sweet baby Nora. I need to see her again.
8. Yay for no tantrums!

9. I love you.

Laura Collard said...

Melissa, I am not even sure how I came across your blog some time ago but I could not be happier that it happened. You, my friend, are hilarious. I'm always chuckling to myself as I read your posts and they all just make me want to be a better writer. And your family is just lovely. The end.

melissa said...

Laura! Thanks! I found your blog a while ago but then I lost it again (probably google reader's fault?). so I'm glad to have it back.