15 November 2013

still in a ramblin mood

Today we woke up to snow so we went out to play: Calvin in last year's boots. I can't tell if they actually fit him or not. We can't find his waterproof gloves, so he was wearing green knit ones with numbers on the fingers. He kept interrupting the donning process by asking which number was the number two. Norah wore fleece jammies and a double fleece full body coat and a hat and I still felt guilty for bringing her out there so I also got the umbrella. My coat is too tight across my shoulders, even unbuttoned. It was that way after I had Calvin, too, but it got back to normal eventually. As you know I struggle with loving to live in 2013. This snow would have been much more magical fifty years ago (...in the English countryside). Sometimes I'm not even grateful for the internet, because if it didn't exist you guys would have to call me and we'd help each other clean our houses by talking on the phone. That's an idea I got from Julie B Beck and I can't get it out of my head. It sounds nice. Anyway, when we came in Calvin was crying because his hands were cold, and wouldn't wait for me to get Norah unattached from my chest before panic mode set in, but then there was hot chocolate and a sleeping baby and dry pants and everyone was fine. Probably the same general process would have happened in 1946. This must be my Grandma Webb and her brother in the photo. (And her new dolly.)


julis said...

Yep. Grandma Webb and Uncle Steve. I think there are pictures extant of me looking very similar, too. But you'd have to replace Uncle Steve with Shelly & Lisa. Grandma would be 3-almost-4 in the Winter of 46. Steve would therefore be almost 2.

star said...

So I totally listened to Sister Beck. I love her! Thank you for this. I love what she said about reading.