29 December 2013

a road i like most at dawn in midsummer

Last November or so I posted a picture either here or on Instagram of this exact road, on a jog. This is my jogging road that leads to the canyon. It's a good road because there is a landmark at the one-mile from my house spot, and it is uphill until it intersects with another road at 1.5, so I can either walk, turn around for a short jog or get momentum to keep going up. The black fuzzball on the right side of the photo is a tree or shrub with skinny branches and provides the only shade in summer. There's a big nest in it.  The view includes good solid sunrises because of the mountains abruptly east and more than adequate sunsets because it's above the rest of the town. I miss this road during the long scary winter months, when outside runs are dependent on so many factors: child supervision, temps above 10 degrees, sun's up?, not sick. Twice a week if I'm lucky. I like this road best at 6am in July.

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