12 December 2013

in with sub-zero, out with the old

Temperatures have plummeted, in case you haven't noticed. It was a quick toe ball change. Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps correlatedly, I've started going through a couple of other phase changes since:
1. I am choking down my raw dark leafy greens.Weird, and thank goodness for smoothies.
2. I have started putting honey in my herbal tea.
3. I have begun rearranging the furniture again after a long hiatus,
just hoping that maybe our house would work for us better if things are in different places. I think I'm wrong though. If there's such a thing as bad bones, I think we've got it. Above you will see the folding table I put up in the kitchen in place of the sideboard and microwave. It is amazing to have somewhere to sit in there, but not amazing to not have a microwave or sideboard.
4. The treadmill has become tolerable.
5. I cut Calvin's hair myself for the first time, after swearing I never would. (It's usually Nate's job but my parents forced my hand. Thanks for the "bang trim," Papa and his minion Grandma Dolly.)

6. Oh yeah! Gilmore Girls. I've started watching reruns again while I nurse and do other half-pay-attention things.

1 comment:

julis said...

What, you didn't want him to have a mullet? You're so particular. :-)

I think the point about your house having "bad bones" is a good one, and valid. I'm sorry. The right person will come along and want it, you'll see. "Patience is a virtue that all men strive for." I want mine now.

I always choke on leafy greens, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. (see what I did there?).

You're witty and funny. xxooGrandmaMinion