01 December 2013

the district sleeps alone tonght

You know what's a cool place? Washington DC, that's what.
We went, we saw the Spirit of St. Louis, just after I read about Charles Lindbergh (that plane is made of canvas, you guys), we saw the Declaration of Independence and stuff, and people kept making National Treasure jokes that I didn't understand.

Then we went on a night tour of the monuments, and I may have gotten teary multiple times. Even at the Vietnam Memorial? Below is WWII, where Norah fell asleep, not to wake again until Iwo Jima, where she got hungry. Despite their chronological correlation, those two monuments weren't near each other.
And at the Lincoln Memorial, I really just kept thinking, "I LOVE WHITE MARBLE." 
Then, different day, we went to the Holocaust Museum and the group was going to take a taxi to Arlington Cemetery after that. And you know how I love cemeteries. But it was almost closing time and we hadn't seen Jefferson yet, so we walked out there in a chilly wind instead; it was the right choice. And our taxi back to the hotel had a tv in it.
Norah and I did some other fun stuff while Nate was at his conference, like checking out real estate and going to the American History museum. And the Postal museum. And generally walking around with her attached to me like a kangaroo. My Sleepy Wrap has certainly earned its keep.

Meanwhile, Calvin was here with his grandparents, having the time of his short little life. Or wife. He can't differentiate between the two words so I'm not 100% sure which one he meant.


Catherine said...

Yay for DC! Isn't it a neat place? We really like it. I'm sure you were just checking out real estate for kicks (cause isn't that fun?) but you should know if you ever moved there, we would come see you all the time! :-) yay for a fun trip!

star said...

WHAT? You were here???? I would have LOVED to have you over or met up somewhere!!! Seriously! If you find your way here again, let me know!

And real estate... yeah, it's fun isn't it? We're not buying a house here anytime soon...or maybe ever!

melissa said...

Star! I wanted to get ahold of you but I didn't know where we'd be until like the day of, and I thought it would be too tricky to arrange since we didn't have a car, but now I'm kicking myself--I totally should have just texted you. Dang me.

Also--the condo I looked at was really nice, and only about 3x as expensive as my house! :)

star said...

We live near the metro so we could have totally made it work. Next time, next time my lovely lit friend!