30 December 2013

wouldn't it be nice

It would be cool if I said "2013 was the best year ever!" because this is a blog and blogs usually say stuff like that.

Actually most of this year was spent gritting my teeth and thinking "This too shall pass." And guess what! It did!

I went through our year's photos and picked a very few to post, but it turns out there were twenty! And these are the three that loaded before I lost patience with the loading. They're pretty representative anyway; good job, photos.

1. Calvin loves things with wheels, he began the year with a soothie, diaper and crib and has ended it with none of the above. He's going to be a Sunbeam this year, and is also basically ready for kindergarten. Or boarding school.
2. We tried to spend a lot of time outside, despite my being sick all winter and spring and then huge all summer. And grumpy all the while. Calvin threw enough rocks into bodies of water this year to fill in the state of Vermont. Or so.
3. Norah! Shocked us with her arrival, has tripled her weight since birth, is sweet and lovable. Calvin calls her "pretty pretty baby." Her eyelashes have also grown a ton since her birth, fortunately (she has a lot of competition in that department). We love her and she makes me so happy. And I'm so glad I'm not pregnant with her anymore. 

Not pictured:
*Nate took a 4-month class and a 3-hour test and got his PHR certification. That made May a wonderful month. He also presented at the Utah HR Conference. He's pretty cool. 
*We had a lot of visitors, which made me momentously happy. Mostly you guys. Mostly when it was 110 degrees. It was a really hot summer. And I finally met my internet friend Sheena! We chatted over melting cupcakes. That was fun.
*We finally got out of town this fall and went to southern Utah and then Washington DC. Actually, we also went to Wolf Creek and Rexburg before that. Nate and Calvin camped a few times in the backyard. That counts?
*I was literally too sick to get up for the first time in my life. Some people say the joy of a baby makes them forget the horrors of pregnancy. Not I. Some people don't have horrors of pregnancy, too, so I've heard. Well, I am still a little crazy--I think my body is just allergic to hormones, which happen to be plentiful while growing and nursing a baby--but I'm much better now. And with any luck I'll stop complaining about that in 2014.
*We put our house up for sale. Nate has a good feeling about the showing we had today. Cross your fingers!

Welcome 2014. I have a good feeling about this.

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will she ever blog again?