30 January 2014

hushi hashi, heebie jeebie

Calvin's got excuses but they don't stink. Some examples follow.

Let's say it's time to go inside. I say, "Calvin, it's time to go inside." He says, "But Hushi Hashi and Heebie Jeebie have to go to work!" And then, obviously, I have no answer for that.

Let's say it's rest time. Calvin says, "Let's watch a show first." I say, "Nah, we'll watch a show later." He says, "But I can't later! I'm going to work later!" 

I say, "Calvin, sit down in that chair." He says, with big blue eyes full of tears built to spill, "But that is for Hushi Hashi!"

Hushi Hashi also often needs his own cookie, or is playing with toys that ought to be cleaned up, but Heebie Jeebie and sometimes even Honky Honky and, of course, work seem to get in the way pretty frequently too. I tried to ascertain whether he thought they were real people once, and that conversation ended with a huge eye roll, "Mom, Hushi Hashi is pretend." So good, he inherited the "I wish I had an imaginary friend but sadly it's illogical and so I can't" gene from my dad and me. 

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julis said...

I have heard about Hushi Hashi, but I didn't know Calv knew Heebie Jeebie. Isn't Heebie a little scary for a 3 year old? I sure love the Calvin stories, though. And you, of course.