28 January 2014

last time

I took those couchy pictures with my macbook's photobooth. Do you remember when Calvin was little and all of our pictures were on photobooth? And we had that floral couch? And I got dressed every day? Times have changed. 

When I didn't blog all month I was going to throw in the towel but Nate told me not to, presumably so we can compare and contrast the babyhoods of the kids. (It's surely not to show how my wit and humor have persevered through sleep deprivation.)
Norah has had her first few rides in the stroller lately. (Please note: the above photo is not Norah or lately.) When the sun pops out sometimes we do too. That stroller has taken us thousands of miles, and is a little worse for the wear. I think I have to get a double jogger now? If I am going to keep running, which I am. Or should I just get a bike trailer that you can also push as a stroller? These kinds of questions very boringly plague me.

And this is what I've preserved for history today.


julis said...

I'm glad you still blog. Thanks, Nate. And posterity thanks you, too. As to the twin jogger -- nah. You're not often going jogging with the two of them. Pretty soon, Calvin can just jog with you. The bike cart thing though, maybe would be used. You and your outdoors thing.

melissa said...

i will go with them both a lot, but that's the problem. how long will calvin allow it?