17 January 2014

second oldest

I just realized why I like having two kids so much better than one: I am the second oldest in my family so I needed a second oldest in my family. This is most obvious.
ALSO, some semi-related items:
*My anxiety is about 110% less than it was last time. 
*We are trying to get on a schedule that gives me more than 2.5 hours of sleep at a time at night. Wish us luck! (I'm a zombie!)
*I am remembering how showering and exercising don't necessarily go together anymore with a baby, if I want to do both on a semi-regular basis. Sometimes there's not time to exercise, but I can shower--so I do. And then if I get around to exercising later we get ourselves a case of 2 showers a day. Or none. What I'm trying to say is if I want to shower I do, if I want to exercise I do, and they don't always coincide and I'm okay with that and if you aren't, just block out the previous minute of reading.
*Sometimes it's hard not to eat like an idiotic frat boy (just kidding I'm pretty sure I couldn't even do that, I haven't completely lost my mind but how about it's hard to get a thoughtful dinner made every night and maybe not eat cookies for lunch). 
*Oh yes, and she's happy and sweet and smooshy (and still tiny, I know).


julis said...

She's so sweet! There's just something about second children. I love 'em!

Abby said...

Love her! Is that Zebra print? Haha! Good to see her starting out right! I can see her eyelashes in the picture. That is impressive. Your kids are the luckiest.

So, I'm the 5th child...does that mean I need to have a 5th child?

I hope you get sleeps soon. Norah dear, let your mama get some sleeps!

melissa said...

Haha, Abby, thanks for reminding me of your Zebra phase. Or was it not a phase? Are you planning to paint your bedroom zebra? That would be awesome.

And yes, I think you need a #5 to even things out. Sorry. :)

AND I have been pining for an adorable horsey dress for Norah...it should fit soon! Have I lost my chance at it??

Abby said...

Maybe we will go up to Logan before the thaw...

The dress is still yours, I guess I could mail it. Haha! Silly me.