24 January 2014

you can call me queen bee

Yesterday I thought about Georgie, Baby Royale and who his nanny is; if she has rosy cheeks, no warts, plays games all sorts. Does she like her job? Does she have to wear a suit? I presume there's a nanny or ten? How often do his parents get to sit on the couch with him and make him laugh? Hang out in their stretchy pants together?

This summer I sold Grammy's old toffee tin with an official portrait of the Royal Family to someone in Isreal. Grammy has a soft spot for the queen, Kate Middleton and the baby because her sister is the queen's age. She wrote out the story of how she acquired the tin, and I keep it in a binder with other interesting family keepsakes. When I was sick, Grammy kept saying how much of a shame it was that the Duchess and I were having such difficulties. Nate and I thought it was surprising, this grandparental interest in the Monarchy, but I guess it isn't.

Hey! Norah just flipped onto her belly!

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julis said...

What fun pictures! I do hope that Kate and whatshisname get to play with George and make him laugh. As you pointed out earlier, it's the best win there is. AND NORAH ROLLED?! Atta girl, Norah.