19 February 2014

a departure

I don't usually blog about food because I really don't have anything original to add to that lengthy conversation, but I have had two culinary high fives this week, and you want to know about them don't you?

1. Mayonnaise.

2. Crackers.

I don't really even like mayonnaise (not to mention the discord in pronouncing it), but sometimes you really need to have mayo--like when you've invited your friends over for Valentine's burgers but you have no mayo in the fridge, except you see that you actually do have mayo but it is leftover from scouts from last summer and is old and also full of wacky stuff and you are really not going to subject your guests to that. So I made some and thought it wouldn't work, but it DID. High five.

I like crackers but I don't like buying crackers. These were easy and pretty crackery. Calvin helped (of course, as always). High five.

This post is sponsored by my food processor, which made both high fives possible.


Catherine said...

Those crackers sound awesome! Also, making mayo from raw eggs irrationally freaks me out, even though i'll buy the store bought processed stuff, as well as eat my weight in cookie dough. So maybe i'll force myself to get over it ansd make some? Either way, ghod job!

Abby said...

High Five on the Mayo for sure! I haven't tried that yet, but I've heard some horror stories...


melissa said...

It was really easy, but I can't imagine doing it without a food processor.

Catherine said...

I made those crackers yesterday and they turned out great!