06 February 2014

could you would you on a train

 You'd probably have to be deaf and blind and...dumb...to know Calv and not know he likes trains. 
So a while ago, we had a very trainy day.
 Odgen's museum kept even a 3-year-old's attention, what with the trains you could climb in and on and over round and through. And then the big real trains outside were neat, too.

 There were lotsa people taking profesh pictures in front of those old photogenic, cool huge engines.
(Like us.)
Then we rode the Front Runner train to Clearfield and back. Clearfield because trains only leave every hour on Saturdays (a fact we did not investigate before boarding) and we'd only have a 10 minute wait back to Ogden if we got off there. 

Overall: it was one of the more successful Calvin-centered outings we've had in a while. 

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