16 February 2014

if you give a mouse a cookie is pretty much the story of my life

If you say I will need a double jogging stroller and bike trailer, I will also need a microwave cart and a picture frame from Ikea. And if I'm going to Ikea I'll also need to see my Provo sibling, and if we're going to see Tim & Jessica they may as well babysit because Mates of State just so happen to be playing in Provo of all places---and if we're going to Provo we'll pass the Dinosaur museum so we may as well stop and meet my dear old pal Ab, and stay for lunch.

(I'm like, we're supposed to be making shark faces.)

I am bold and shameless when it comes to:
 1. Talking to my band and forcing group photos
Requiring second-generation friendships


julis said...

yay for bold & shameless! that's what I say.

Abby said...

I'm so glad we got to see you and your fam. Let's do it again. We'll have to come up your way next.