25 February 2014

two heads are better than one

And then I turned around to see that they're already conspiring.

He's probably teaching her how easy it is to make me a cuckoo person. "All you have to do is run out the doors of the grocery store while she's trying to pay," he says. Or "Just pretend you don't know what she's talking about when she asks you to do something we do ten times a day, like put your shoes on the rug by the door." Or even more simply, "Just ask the same question seven zillion times in an hour!" 

But giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he's sharing his talents, like telling her how to measure and stir ingredients for cookies. (He's going to be making them on his own before too long.) Or telling her about our town, and all the people who live here. ("Neighbor Shane lives in our town, and Suzanne lives in our town, and Grandpa Ted and Grandma Trudy live in our town, and Carly lives in our town...") Or maybe he's just making up every other word and teaching her nonesuch nonsense.

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