25 March 2014

i blogged last week but deleted it, luckily catherine saw it first / nate may wish i deleted this one

This picture makes me laugh, because I was really just trying to document the ancient water heater that finally broke.
My dad doesn't believe that it could be original to the 1941 house, but this ad proves otherwise. The plumber who installed the new one was like, "I sure wish I could tell you the new one is going to last as long as the old one."
I hope they put it in a museum.

We also installed and painted a new kitchen floor this week (which still needs to be sealed) and have air conditioning installation scheduled. Go us. 


Catherine said...

That ancient water heater is astounding! You really should donate it to a museum.

Abby said...

This is exciting. Are all these improvements for enjoying your house more or for making it more marketable? Or both? I want to come see your de-carpeted kitchen!