04 March 2014

i forgot what i was going to say

I uploaded these three photos last night, but didn't write a word about it.

I am reading Joan Didion's Blue Nights, and I remembered that Didion reminds me of The Bell Jar. I am pretty sure Sylvia Plath would have been Joan Didion if she had lived to be 80. Well. Maybe just the opposite. Joan Didion in her 20s was the girl in The Bell Jar, only she is living to to be (over) 80. Well. They have the same somber vibe anyway. I have had to Google stephanotis, Vikane and Brentwood Park, all by page 8.

On that cheery note, 
my beautiful family had a lovely picnic last Friday at Green Canyon.*

*Will I remember that when we say "Green Canyon" we are actually referring to the King Nature Park just below Green Canyon?

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