31 March 2014

it is rude that we must start a week after a night like that

I went to bed early last night, forfeiting my option for a Sunday night viewing of a 20-year-old Murder She Wrote episode, in hopes that the extra hour would make up for the 2 or 3 times Norah would wake me up before morning. Somehow she must have sensed this and thought it was a terrible idea, because it didn't work out that way. Stop meddling in my sleeping plans, pretty baby!

However, as I was drifting off one of the times, I thought of a great blog post that I was excited about.

"Three things I do:

1. Send mail.
2. Use "one" as a pronoun meaning a person generally. Except one can't really put this idea into action without sounding pretentious. However, when one considers it, it is really a fitting usage and actually more logical than the commonly used "you."

And the point of it is even fuzzier. What was I going to write about?

Next up on the agenda:
I hate having a passcode on my phone, but after deleting about 120 photos like these, it's on again.

I've been reading a book of letters between sisters. Most of them are pretty boring or even sometimes a little petty (think of the stuff you tell only your sister or mom or bff) but endlessly captivating. (Except by the stuff YOU tell I don't mean YOU or really even ONE, because the odds that one's family has nazis, commies, duchesses, famous writers and soldiers are pretty slim.), If there were no photos in the book, I wouldn't like it much though. 

I've made this lemon cake twice in the last 20 days. We had it for breakfast today.


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julis said...

So apparently duck lips is a natural human response to a camera. Who knew?