12 March 2014

i've heard there was a secret chord

Once I became a mother, a previously dormant tear valve in my face was awakened: one with no manual shut off. One of the most common triggers of it is sappy music. We all know there are sappy lyrics, but I've come to believe there are also sappy notes. When they are put together, they cause an automatic salt-watery reaction in those thusly inclined. Something like a minor fall, a major lift or somesuch combination. Ask a musician, they will tell you.

And if you want more bad news (who doesn't?), an anti-inversion campaign has confirmed my suspicions that burning wood is a way bad idea for our valley home. Isn't that a bummer.


Catherine said...

That dormant tear valve is no joke! I get majorly choked up at the end of this one movie Niko watches all the time--I mean, it's pretty great and inspiring, but every time? That tear valve is on overdrive!

julis said...

Because of The West Wing, that song kills me every time. And maybe crying is part of your heritage, not a weakness. Just sayin'.