21 April 2014

a book, candy

Well I've finally done it. I finished another very long, very boring book that I liked quite a lot. And by so doing I've come to really admire yet another Duchess, this one of Devonshire. She's lived so long and is so interesting, yet not nasty or even very controversial, which people often think interesting means. You'll understand if you read this (it's short). Also she is lovely:

from here

Oh, did I mention, the book was a collection of letters between her and her five sisters, apparently infamous in their day. (For good reason, yikes, most of them were nutty.) But anyway, darn it I've added another place I want to visit next trip to the UK (as one naturally has planned): her estate, Chatsworth.

--also the reason for my thoughts on "one" a while back.
--also the reason of some of my letter writing lately
--also full of quotable gems like "Damn everything!" as a closing and "Wondair," "Nevair," and other word-morphings, and just things I like.

Also on my mind is candy. I used to think it was a little dumb for people to give non-candy valentines, Halloween treats, etc., but now I think candy is so completely pointless (and impossible for me to pass up, I hate to say, which is why it's never in my house). I don't mean good candy, like fancy or home made, just regular junky candy. Candy should just stop being the thing we give kids. Who's with me!     (crickets.)    But I have eaten so much candy just because it was available, and I see now that it was all very pointless. (That makes it sound like candy is way back in my past. I guess it kind of is, if my past is yesterday, but obviously it's also in my future.)

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julis said...

After talking with you, I have a better understanding of your dad, who is also infamous for throwing perfectly good candy away. If he likes it, he has to eat it--so the only recourse is to throw it away, beyond his reach. On another note, I'm glad you have another place to add to your list of places to visit the "next" time you are in Britain.