27 April 2014

down to the river to pray

I have recently discovered my love for old-timey bluegrass-type gospel music. 
I have been listening to Ralph Stanley, and I'm not being sarcastic or ironic. I just like it.

Meanwhile, our creek is getting fast and high--it must be nearly May.
We have two trips planned in May.
May's the best.
No one ever says, "May, get out of here. You're way too long."
April already made me feel better, and now it's nearly May! What luck. I have been doing a sort of project-type scripture study, and it has been kind of fun and a lot helpful in helping my head direct my thoughts better. Now I remember that I can really focus my mental energy; it's something that's easy for me to let go of. Do you even know what I'm talking about? My brain feels like a frayed rope that I really want to pull together but sometimes I feel like I can't. However, I can! At least I can better than I have been. 

April is doing that out like a lion thing, which is how it goes around these parts. Not to worry. See you soon, May!


julis said...

It all sounds very spiritual unless you know that some little scoundrel has trouble with his Ls, and so that's what he would sound like if he said "play."

Catherine said...

would you be interested in sharing the details of your scripture study project? I am in a scripture rut right now and need to shake things up!