07 April 2014


Last October conference Saturday Nate and I started an awesome tradition of hiking between sessions. During conference last weekend the grandparents took Calvin for a drive so we "hiked" for about an hour in the rain. I made Nate document me pushing the stroller because this is what I do for a living and I have little photographic proof. (Had little proof, past tense, because see:)

Better yet, on Sunday Calvin took us for a HIKE around the creek at the Petersons' house. He showed us where the deer "rest" and where they cross the creek and suggested that they always walk through the brambliest twiggiest areas instead going around them. I'm not convinced on that account, but I did get on my hands and knees to follow him anyway because he is awesome. He also climbed a tree.

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julis said...

Hiking, walking, thinking about hiking and walking .. .they're all good. I'm glad Calvin would take you on a hike, and that you would go. You're a good mama!