24 April 2014

no one ever says, "april you're soooo long, get out of here already"

And that's why this seems like it just happened but it was two weeks ago. Calvin wanted to hike. I was so happy about that. He asked like eleventeen times when we were going to go hiking, and when we went, he didn't want to stop! Even though the wind and rain nearly blew us away as we tried and abandoned hiking the Pyramids (until next time, Pyramids). Then we just walked up the Birch Canyon road until we heard teenagers singing from a nearby trail that we didn't know existed until we found it.
Calvin's main goal was to step over logs.
He succeeded many times.
Then we got to the top of the trail and looked over the valley.
Norah didn't even hate it.

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Anonymous said...

you live in an awesome place!