14 April 2014

there are apparently crosswalks in other towns, and cat statues in parks

Just for the afternoon of a perfect-weather day,
we basked in the sun in a neighborhood where friends live
(not to mention gigantic brass felines who are ostensibly commemorative of a dairy).
Of course, we don't have a suitable picture of the friends. When you're with friends you sometimes forget you live in the instagram era and just sit. But then when the friends leave your side for just a minute, you porch sit and you remember to get a photo taken of your boy too big for your lap, crushing a plastic cup.
Squishy sleepy babies love the Cramers' neighborhood.
Dads love their leather swivel recliner chairs. 
(Bitty, tell me where we can buy one.)

1 comment:

Abby said...

Cat statue- that's unique...

That squishy, sleepy baby is a doll!
I want to hold her again!

Tell Bitty Hi!