17 May 2014


 The Weather: 100% awesome, sunny with a high of 75, which is as everyone knows, perfect.

The house: Looking good with the sunlight coming in. New A/C has not yet been tested, but we are in windows open mode, which is as everyone knows, perfect. 

The yard: Mowed, front and back. We put a little more attention into the grass this spring (attention = humates) so hopefully it will look less dead this August.

Our appliances: All dying. Is six years the limit? Microwave: dead. Blender: dead. Dumb.
 Norah: Pretty, pretty. Eats a ton (of food, not milk). She yells when she's hungry, which is basically all the time she isn't eating. She takes two naps a day, goes to bed at 7:00, and I don't retrieve her until at least 6:00am. I don't know if she sleeps through the night because we banished her to the basement. She seems okay about it. Is scared of Uncle Andy.

Calvin: Looking old. Tantrums are on a hiatus, which is extremely fortunate for all of our well-being. He is into saving money, sweeping the driveway, golfing, wearing red, riding his bike and complaining the whole time about how hard it is, eating fruit and begging for doughnuts.

Nate: Being awesome, like usual. Reading interesting books, being the Cache HR President, teaching Gospel Doctrine, no longer scouting. Running a little. Taking bonus Saturdays with his time off. Golfing with Calvin and occasionally giving him doughnuts.

I: don't know. Just doing the stuff. Still hate wiping counters and feeding baby food. Still love running and eating. And good weather.

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