27 May 2014

up in the sky

 The bright side of the Rexburg wind is KITES.
 The bright side of friends living in far-off Boise is an excuse to go there, teepees, nature walks and taxidermy and burgers and good weather and planning their wedding; seriously it may be obnoxious and so cliche that we should just stop talking about it, but Calvin + Penny please.
 The bright side of Memorial Day is picnic and Razor rides in the foothills. Calvin eats that stuff up. (That stuff = chips, which he never gets at home.)
 The bright side of coming home on Monday in time for the evening Peterson/Clark cookout is partaking in Grammy's pinecone memorial game. (See Joshua 4 for more information.) We put a pinecone in a bucket to remember everyone we could remember, with Calvin's enthusiastic assistance. 
While she was explaining the background, my mind wandered, and I wondered why people of the older generation have longer attention spans than we do.  Can I even dream of being as cool as her when I'm 85? Probably not.

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i read this post and enjoyed it
i am not a robot