04 May 2014

we are awesome parents, we took them to zion, there will be more pictures later

 Sometimes I feel like I inflict too much adventure on these guys. Sorry guys. But really, I don't think that..because I am not even that adventurous myself. I just make Calvin walk two miles at a time, which he hates, and whines about, and gets really sassy during, and yells "HOO.RAY." when I tell him he's almost done doing it.
 But then he climbs giant rocks and plays in the water and touches waterfalls and doesn't hate that too too much, I hope.
 I try everyone's patience at times.
But what can you do? Happy anniversary to us, and the people we made.

We thought it was funny to note the different fashions of our fellow Zion National Park visitors (or as Calv called it, just National). We noted this while I was wearing my flower of the desert cinco de mayo dress, straight from a graduation.
 Calvin ended up in his underwear. Also known as a speedo? No? Well, that's ok.
 Coughed like a maniac the day we went to the park, but inside the park, this is practically the only cough he had.
If Calvin hadn't been so excited about camping, we may have chickened out. I'm glad we didn't, though. It was basically just like being at home, only in tents.

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Abby said...

Looks like a fun trip!

And Beautiful! I love the dress, it seems perfect: nice and cool for hiking.

Cute family. We'll have to ask you for pointers when I get brave enough to make that trip with my own.

Happy Anniversary!