12 June 2014

oi (as my grandma used to say)

It is weird how I can feel like I've never seen or read these scans before, when I surely must have because they are right here on my computer. But when I came across these two houses and their brief descriptions I was floored. It's such a little thing, to remember a house, but it really is part of you while you live in it. These are just the sort of houses I pass in rural Idaho and wonder, Who woke up there in 1937? Well, it was probably my grandma or the McCulloughs or somebody like that.

 I meant to only post the photo below, with a plea to for help with chickens to my aunt (who could technically still help if I called her up) and my Grandma Stricklan (who probably couldn't really help). 

(I know, dad, you could help too, but you would just remind me how terrible it smells. Thanks.)

I simply did not have the wherewithal to get chickens this spring; my head wasn't in the game. 
Now I want them, though, and a neat little helper with really short bangs. 


Timothy said...

Dad says chickens aren't worth the hassssssle

julis said...

Dad says a lot of things. Some of which you can ignore (as you very well know, Timothy Jay). (since you do it all the time). If you really want to hear him go on, tell him you want a milk cow. :-)