10 November 2014

tis the season

 First comes the fall of long sleeves with shorts, sandals or rolled-up cuffs.

 The giant maple begins to shed so we can burrow under the leaves. There are so many and they are itchy and Norah hates touching them.
 After Halloween, the fall begins to cool again. It's taking the turn from summer-fall to winter-fall.
 We wear pants and jackets and beanies all the time. I consider lighting a fireplace fire. I buy a new coat and make Norah wear Calvin's handmedowns for warmth. The leaves have nearly left. There are snowflakes on our weather apps. It's dark in the mornings, but not nearly as dark as it was two weeks ago. We can't understand why everyone hates this daylight saving thing. It's nice not to wake up in the pitchest of black, isn't it?
Fall family, minus one stick wielder, running wild.

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