10 March 2015


We could have bought a beautiful old house two blocks away from our current house. The only reason we didn't is that it just didn't feel right. It's been called going with your gut. Our guts, we are sure, have been guided by the Holy Ghost, so while I sort of mourn that house that could have been, I'm still excited about the house to be. I am about equal parts calm/excited and worried/nervous about this whole moving extravaganza. No, actually that's wrong; it's more like 75/25 in favor of calm/excited. 80/20...97/3?! Mostly calm, mostly excited. For the win.

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Tasha Reeves said...

I believe you have to follow your heart and mind. That's what house purchases all come down to. You have to be mentally comfortable with it in order to embrace it, since you'll be in there for quite some time, or at least you'll be able to settle accordingly. Do believe and trust in guidance, then find all the agencies that might help you anchor your ideal choices into the real world. Wishing you all the best!

Tasha Reeves @ West Coast Mortgage Group