22 March 2015

mum's the word; week of woes

Now I get why people keep their house-hunting adventures to themselves. Every other day they'd have to update you with "Just kidding, our buyer pulled out," and "Just kidding, someone already made an offer on the house we were preparing to make an offer on," and "Just kidding, we actually did find the perfect house but someone also made an offer on it about six minutes before us so we made a backup offer, but since we have no buyer for our house and we're in 2nd place it's not extraordinarily likely that we'll get it."

And when you try to drown your woes in buying furniture, the sofa you loved is gone and the table you want isn't sturdy enough to hold a square dance on and may (100% certainly) get scratched, and thus gets vetoed.

And when you try to cheer up and celebrate Norah taking her first steps, she refuses to take any further steps, except maybe for a snowcone, but then again, maybe not. She just stands there, staring you down instead of stepping. Saying, "You lose again, mom."
But not everything can be bad when the mountains are sunny and the sidewalk is covered in tic-tac-toe boards. I will not, however, keep the house-hunting updates coming. Next one may possibly say, "We moved."

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Nate said...

maybe the wind will pick up this week and we can keep sailing.