17 March 2015

the back 40

You see those parties that people plan and pay for and buy matching straws for and spend seven hours decorating themed cookies for and stress over and photograph professionally and blog about? We don't do those kind of parties.

5:00 - Pick up my brother and nephew, mention the word "firepit."
5:25 - Gather supplies into a basket. Put basket in wagon.
5:30 - Nate gets home. "Has anyone started the fire yet?" No?
5:43 - Yell to neighbors over the fence and through the vine, which is fortunately bare of leaves so I can see through it to come over. Bring hot dogs!
6:00 - Neighbors arrive, children yell and chase and play in wagon, we don't have enough buns, someone else brings marshmallows.
6:12 - Mosquitoes arrive.
7:00 - Calvin gives an unrehearsed Family Home Evening thanks to the Wise Man and Foolish Man cutouts in the last Friend magazine (with the wise and foolish labels being switched, because he wanted the wise man to be wearing blue).
8:00 - It's dark, kids are retrieved from the wrong lawn and deposited to their parents, other kids get in the tub, then bed, and sleep soundlyzzzzzzzzzz.


julis said...

I want to be like the cool kids and have parties around my fire pit. Lacking that, I will live vicariously through your pictures.

Nate said...

that was a fun party.