12 March 2015

the uh huhs

Some of Calvin's talents are detecting patterns, deductive reasoning and talking. Oh the talking.

As a mother's absolute survival depends on the mindless Uh-huhs directed toward a child like that, I have learned that I must be very careful with those Uh-huhs. Otherwise not only am I agreeing with much nonsense and imagination/real life combinations, but I'm usually giving permission for root beer or inconvenient outings or promises that are impossible to keep.  One must be careful of too much mindless Uh-huhing or before you know it, the relentless young person will be counting on visiting Hawaii every three weeks to play with the kid at church who had a toy gup.


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julis said...

Jesse got really good at determining whether I was actually listening to him, and was very put out when he realized mostly I was just saying uh huh.