06 April 2015

being awesome

One thing I missed about my blog when I didn't blog was having a place to record all the things I did that I thought were awesome. Not in a braggy way, just in a way to keep them for posterity and then maybe to brag about them just a little teeny bit later when I'm old and infirm. No really, just in a way that I can be like, Oh I liked that part of my life in 2015.

I liked running up Birch Canyon on Saturday. I only ran six miles but it was so steep! And it was cold. And it made me feel strong.
I liked it when the kids climbed all over Nate and instead of being annoying it was cute.
I liked it when I bought myself a new skirt and shirt and wore the shirt four times in a row and I'm still wearing it.
I liked it sort of when I sold our table before we had a new one, but I also bought sconces so we can finally see in that corner of the room after dark.

1 comment:

julis said...

I like all of these things, too. And I like that you recorded them so we can look back and remember.