03 April 2015

norita bonita

 Maybe it's because I'm not much of a girly girl or maybe it's because I spent about $.85 and zero effort on Calvin's wardrobe until he was 2, but I was not excited at all about the "making her looking cute" part of having a girl when I found out Norah was a girl. I thought there is no point, my friends, in doing a child's hair if you're just staying home. I thought I would never take the time.
 And fairly true to my form, I rarely bow-ed or headbanded or dressed her up.

But then her hair grew in! And it could be ponytailed! (Ridiculously!) And pigtailed. And side ponied. I bought a huge pack of baby elastics and have been going cute crazy ever since.

Of course, this confession is hilarious to anyone who actually does their kids' hair, because it's still almost nothing at all. But since the hair-doing got serious, I've also made her some dresses and bought her a THIRD pair of shoes. (Before she even walked, you guys. AKA pointless.)
I painted her nails this week too. We are getting a little out of control.


Catherine said...

Oh man, I've been totally bummed about the idea of trying to meet societal expectations of making Miriam look "cute." After having a boy, and never having to do his hair or anything (if his hair is in disarray, people just go, "oh, he's been having fun!" If a girl's hair is disheveled people think she's not taken care of!) I've been grumpy thinking about the extra effort havign a girl might require. So I'm glad to hear that you're having some fun with it! Maybe I can too ;)

julis said...

Such fun! and such cute! I like "Norita bonita." I think that's what I'll call her (since she's walking, she's not a strongbaby any more). Does she like painted fingernails? I bet she does.