29 April 2015

same thing we do every day, pinky

Breakfast (dutch babies, toast, hot cereal, oats) 
Morking work (laundry on Monday & Friday, dishes, sweep, vacuum)
Reading time
Watch a show/nap (maybe run on the treadmill)
Go outside
Tic tac toe or "defense" on the driveway
Go fish on the picnic table
Play/work in the garden dirt
LUNCH (sandwiches, salad, eggs)
 Walk to the library
Walk to the park
Attempt to hike
Watch another show
Rest time (watch Gilmore Girls)
Bide our time until dad returns (usually by 5:30)


Zachary and Elizabeth Carr said...

I like this title. This looks a lot like our routine - especially biding time for daddy time.

melissa said...

Liz, I was just wondering what you guys are up to these days. I guess I don't have to wonder anymore if it's just the same as us...