22 April 2015

since the sun came out

We've been plotting and choosing and rethinking and worrying about houses. I feel really fortunate to be able to make decisions like how big/how stylish/where our new house will be, but it's still very hard.
We've been playing and losing a lot of Old Maid, Go Fish and Go Monkey. Also I found out a couple of days ago that Calvin cheats. Which is ok, since I cheat too.
We've been outside. My cheeks are red and shiny, Calvin's left cheek has that red splotchy part that means I need to remember to put sunscreen on him, and Norah's arms are no longer milky white. Nate wore a t-shirt instead of a button-down to mow the back 40 last weekend and our front tree swing has sunk pretty low to the ground.
Outside notes about this stage of kiddies: Calvin is pretty trustworthy out there; he will ask to go talk to neighbors and only goes as far as our property if I ask him to. Norah is unsteady on the grassy hills, and still scoots a little bit out there, but loves to "Go!" out. She especially loves the "WAH" wagon.

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julis said...

I'm glad for the update. After everything has worked out, you'll look back and wonder what you were so worried/uncertain about. This is the time of year you guys are outside pretty much always, and it improves everyone's mood, so I'm glad you are able to start worrying about remembering sunscreen and wah rides.