27 May 2015

pre school

Preschool stats; Calvin was
the oldest
the 2nd tallest
one of three boys
the bossiest
the only one to play his bell at the correct moment during "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and made sure we all knew it ("I know it's not time to ring the bells yet!!")
the readiest for kindergarten but he can't go because his birthday is after the deadline and we are all pretty bummed about it and we really wish there was some way around it and no matter how many people tell me "it's better for boys to be older" I will still say Calvin should be going this fall. But he's not. But he is going to the same preschool in the fall and he'll like that too...Just not as much as he'd like kindergarten.
The End.

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julis said...

I love Calvin's stats! And boy, do I know how it is to have a child COMPLETELY ready for kindergarten but unable to go because of an arbitrary cut off date. I'm telling you, it ought to be a readiness requirement, not a date. But no one asked me, so we're still stuck with the date. At least this way he'll be looking forward to school instead of dreading it. (? none of my children dreaded school that I know of, but I teach some kids who do).