15 May 2015

some underlines

I was going to blog more; I've been meaning to blog more, but you see my computer is going kaput and our internet has been abnormally slow. I can't even check the bank account because it takes six years; it would be faster to just crawl to the bank and ask the teller what is going on. Uploading pictures is like torture.


I have only bought macs and we have been delaying buying a new macbook because of the cost, but then we looked at how much "other" computers cost...which I have actually never done, and it is ridiculous. I could buy six. I'm having a hard time holding back.

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julis said...

I totally understand, and agree. I bought my mac with my first AP Reader check, 8 years ago. When it dies, I don't think I can justify another! I don't think I could buy six pcs, but certainly multiples. But I don't really like pcs. :-/