08 May 2015

stopping and starting are the right ways to hike with kids

I did two things to make hiking with my kids happen more and be more awesome.
1. Stopped waiting for Saturdays so Nate could come. I feel bad he misses some of our hikes, but then again, sometimes he has to golf for work or gets taken out for lunch, so...well...at least I get to hike more.
2. Started bringing a bag of candy. Every five minutes Calvin and Norah get some. I've only done this twice, but both times Calvin begged to go hiking again. Candy is the answer. (hastag DUH, seriously, I'm sure I should have thought of this earlier. I of course usually bring snacks, but actual candy, especially when it's not a usual snack, is the way to go. Two skittles will do the trick.)


Catherine said...

ooh, I love the candy idea! two skittles isn't enough to send the tots on a crazy sugar high, but is still likely enough for a little motivation and mood boost :) Yay for hikes!

julis said...

Candy was always my go-to move. But you know that. :-)