14 June 2015

at the end of the day

At the end of a day of hiking with the kids,
exploring the glory of the trees,
gazing at wildlife,
or maybe just putting our feet in the baby pool while Norah yells at bugs
we go in the living room, 
talk about the things,
and then

It's typical.
It is 8:30.
We turn on the tv.
We get the apple remote and direct Netflix toward a British crime mystery.
(But not Poirot because we've sadly seen them all.)
During the credits, we pause the program to:
boil water for Dandy Blend or herbal tea
get second dinner (an egg sandwich)
and a cookie (or a brownie).
Then someone generally has to go potty.
And then
We are almost to the wrap up,
all the suspects are gathered,
but it's 10:00 and we are tired. We debate saving the last 15 minutes for tomorrow.
We say we'll start at 8:15 next time.
(We don't.)

1 comment:

Catherine said...

This is very much like our end of day routine, especially the second dinner and cookie/brownie (although usually we have the cookie first, then realize we're actually HUNGRY and go back, reluctantly, for something more filling).