19 June 2015

golden and sneezy

I know I am going to remember this spring and summer happily as the summer of hiking.
Norah is small enough for the pack.
Calvin is big enough to hike.
We have gone out on a trail every single week since April, even through the rains. We've even gone with friends several times.
This isn't going to happen again for a while.
Next year Norah will actually probably still be technically small enough for the pack, but it won't be as fun for ME packing those pounds, and then the next year we will be trying to convince her short legs to hike, so I'm enjoying every minute of this I can.
Even when (like today) our hike ends up super short because of unforseen rivers without bridges and we are eaten by mosquitoes and Calvin drops his super special hiking reward into the river (doritos :|!) while he's trying to wash sap off his hands. Hikes like these are more exploratory than efficient. 
We're all ok with that.
Oh, but the sneezy part: (less interesting and cute)
 I am oddly allergic this year and it is driving me batty. Achoo. At least for once I'm not pregnant or nursing so I can take allergy medicine, not that it works. SO I've been wearing my glasses more and not wearing make up, making me feel extra attractive.

High Creek trail in Cove
(Mount Naomi Wilderness)
Trailhead: 7 miles up from the highway
Distance: Good question. Probably a mile, due to the washed out bridge. It is 5 miles to the lake, which is beyond our capabilities, but we were hoping to find a waterfall. Next time I'll find it.
Snacks: Atop a rock and washed away down the river.

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